WANTED – Cool Parent with Coding Chops

(aka Technical co-founder, development lead, or in-house, hands-on technology guru)

Lol – who isn’t looking for a technical co-founder so why wouldn’t we be any different?

Well, we hope that we are. Our mission is to help kids put down their devices and play in the real world. If you’ve every battled with your kids over screens then you know the pain.

We have an excellent development partner who has done a ton of our heavy lifting but it is time to start bringing some of our technical expertise in-house.

If you are looking for a side project, love things to look as good on the front end as the back end and are keen to get involved in a project that has the backing of Ontario Creates and OCE grants then let’s talk.

Developers who are still kids at heart are welcome to reach out as well 😉

The KIDICTED MVP is a native (iOS and Android support) app built using a Xamarin/.NET framework

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