Seeking CTO, Engineer, and/or Full Stack Developer

Looking for someone to help create minimum viable product

Vlei is an early-stage Toronto startup that represents a solution that empowers individuals to take accountability of their environmental footprint while also taking control of their personal finances. My partner and I are currently apart of North America’s top incubator program. As we conduct work on the business and marketing side, we are looking for someone who can aid in the technology side.

Vlei is a business to business solution which will help decrease merchant costs and offer greater convenience to their customers.
Who you are:
• A creative vision maker. Ability to think outside the box to ensure tasks are completed.
• Talented developer and quick learner. A seasoned computer science / engineering professional. You understand systems design; you know how to implement, and operate.
• Fast learner. Inquisitive, you question, and you learn, constantly. You search for the best answers.
• Self-starter. You won’t be handed a list of tasks. You will own be responsible for product development and have the ability to make executive decisions alongside the cofounders.
• Team player. Culture matters to you.
• Lives in the Greater Toronto Area. (We would like to be in close contact with all our members for meetings and product updates)

What you will do:
• You will take over lead development of the product, including iOS and Android.
• Work directly with the cofounders to prioritize product features, set and be responsible for product milestones, and address bugs/issues along the way.
• Be a pivotal member of the core team responsible for the success of improving the current shopping experience.

What we are offering:
• Opportunity to join an early-stage startup with driven co-founders, industry needed product, and momentum at a key time of growth.
• At first, salary will be early/founder-stage equity stake in the company and will transition into a salary once we receive significant growth and funding based on future fundraising and performance. At this stage we do not expect you to quit your job (if you are working) but rather work on the project part-time (15-25 hours per week). Position can be on contract or temporary if that is what you prefer.

If this is something that you are interested , please send me a text or email . We would love to grab coffee or lunch to further discuss where we are currently at and our plans for the future.

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