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Immigration Platform

Visto is a free platform that helps skilled workers navigate the entire immigration process from start to finish. This means preparing for a language exam, getting documents translated, preparing/submitting your application, finding a job and settling in Canada with a bank account/internet/cellphone/etc. Check us out at

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Virtrum provides personalized, intelligent fitness coaching solutions to meet your health, fitness and wellness needs. Unlike conventional fitness coaching, Virtrum’s cutting-edge computer vision technology will create a highly-detailed virtual model of your body so that it can analyze your body movements, fitness status and daily progress in real-time. Through analysis, it provides suggestions and recommendations […]

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Looking for a CTO

Elasticmeals is a myfitnesspal alternative that aims to help the average person explore meal combinations in just a few seconds and clicks. I’ve gathered tons of interest from users + personal trainers who are now waiting for the MVP to come out. So, I’m looking for a technical co-founder to join me in helping people […]

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Looking for feedback

I’m building a marketplace that connects event planners with event venues in the Toronto area. Currently I have an MVP (check it out – and am in the user research phase. If you are organizing, or planning to organize, a party/event I’d love to chat with you about how you plan on picking your […]

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