1. How long does it take to approve my profile? 

This can vary depending finding potential matches for your skill sets. If there’s match right away in the database it will take 24 hours for approval.

2. What do you look for in the profile? 

Your profile is scanned for skills and competencies and experience with startups to match up with our members for potential cofounders, team members or mentors.

3. Do you accept members from Agency or Consultants? 

We’re currently not accepting members from agency or consultants.

4. I got in. How can request coffee meetings? 

You can browse members on the members page and send in requests.

5. Do I have to accept all coffee requests? 

No, you don’t. Feel free to connect with the ones that are relevant to you.

6. Which cities are you current active? 

We are currently accepting members from across the globe. Our platform active in over 50 cities across globe with heavy concentration in Toronto, New York, and San Francisco.

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